If you book a headshot session with me please be aware that all of my shoots are outdoors in natural light, I shoot outdoors because natural light is the most flattering light for portraits, studio sessions have thier place but you want to look as natural as possible rather than produced.

What to expect for headshots.

Day of shooting please arrive on time and ready to shoot with 3 looks (outfit changes).

I will talk you through each look to get the shot you love. Be prepared to have fun I try to make all of my shoots as painless as possible because i know how stressful getting headshots can be. My sessions last 30-45mins. after the shoot you will receive a zip folder via email of raw jpegs, please go through and select which 3 you would like for editing.

Wardrobe for shoot

-Vary your colors and avoid overly bright tones, rich reds, and graphic tees with large logos (excessive prints and patterns often do not work).

-Please bring extra clothing items which can be layered such as sweatshirts, jackets, scarves.

-Shoes do not matter.

-Make sure that you have both casual and dressy items.

-It is important that your clothes are wrinkle-free and without stains.

-Please only bring minimal accessories.

-Please bring plenty of clothing so that we have enough to choose from.



Headshot sessions are $300 for 3 looks (outfit changes). all headshots are shot outdoors unless specifically requested indoor by agent or mangaer. All images high res color corrected and exposure on a final cd or dropbox, 3 retouches included (skin, eyes, hair)

Additional Retouches-$10

Additional looks-$50