The Story


Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. At 18 I decided to pack up and head for California to chase some dreams. My love for photography started in Los Angeles when my mother sent me a camera and told me to start shooting what I love. I had two very different passions one was for the outdoors and the other was Acting, I started shooting headshots for actors, portraits, and fashion, then on the weekends I would escape into the mountains camping and rock climbing, shooting my friends on sport routes and beautiful mountain landscapes. Shooting portraits in the city allowed me to focus on telling a story through someones eyes, while shooting people outdoors rock climbing or hiking helped me focus on letting the whole photo tell the story.  I have a strong passion for both styles of photography now. Shooting in natural light, chasing sunsets and inspiring others to get out and explore. I can never thank my mother enough for that first camera.


My Mission

I aim to encourage others to go outside, collaborating with brands that will inspire people to find their adventure, whether they love rock climbing, trail running, or just sitting by a camp fire.

For Actors, I will work with you to get that shot and emotion that will tell a story and stand out to anyone in casting.